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How To Paint Exterior Stucco With A Spray Gun

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There are a handful of ways to instantly increase the curb appeal and value of your property without investing a ton of money. One of the most cost-effective exterior remodels you can make is to give your property a fresh new paint job. However, painting an exterior surface is much more time consuming and expensive than painting the interior. It can be especially difficult to paint stucco surfaces. This article will explain how you should paint your exterior stucco with a professional spray gun.

Using a Spray Gun

Of course, most homeowners do not own a professional paint gun, but they are affordable to rent from professional painting companies, like American Permacoat, and they are easy to use. First, follow the instructional manual that comes with your gun rental in regards to set up and mixing the paint. Those steps are easy, but actually spraying the paint might take some getting used to. You should practice using your gun on a large piece of cardboard or wood before you start spraying the walls. The key is to always have your gun the same distance from the stucco. Also, never pull the trigger while the gun is not moving. That is, always spray laterally at a steady speed and release the trigger as you pull away from the wall. Most importantly, do not point directly at the wall and start spraying. Begin spraying and then come into the wall. This will prevent the paint from puddling up and dripping. Once you are comfortable with the gun, you will be able to paint your walls very quickly.

Preparing your Home

Before you even rent your paint gun, you need to do some serious masking off. This will be the most time consuming of painting. Large rolls of painter's plastic are best for covering windows and door frames. You also need to cover your ground from overspray. However, the plastic can be slippery and dangerous, especially when using ladders. To cover the ground, you will have the best luck with large rolls of painter's paper. This paper can be easily rolled over your concrete or grass pathways. To make your clean up a lot easier, try to not paint on a windy day. Paint can get blown and settle several yards away.

In the end, you will find that painting your exterior stucco with a spray gun is affordable and easy to do.