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The One Major Reason to Go Pro for Your Next Exterior Paint Job

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It's a common suburban cliche to hire the neighborhood kid for a few dollars to paint your house in a pinch. However, amateur jobs like these can very quickly become far more expensive than the cost of the paint and a few hours of cheap labor. Accidents and mishaps can cost untold amounts more than just materials and labor, which is the main reason why hiring an established painting company is the only way you should repaint your home: because they're insured. 


Workplace accidents are no laughing matter, and the problem can get a lot worse if an amateur painter gets hurt while working on your house. On the other hand, if a company painter gets hurt while working on your project, then the liability falls on the company. While this second situation is still an unfortunate event, the ugly court and hospital bills won't be coming your way if you've had the foresight to hire a fully insured, professional painting company to do your project. 

Spills and Drops

A second form of liability that you can avoid when hiring an insured painting company is the costs associated with a dropped paint bucket, which can wreak all kinds of havoc. Repairs to cars, windows, or expensive statues can cost in the thousands if the problem is bad enough, and if a neighborhood teenager is responsible, you could be out of luck in terms of getting repaid. If one of these situations comes up with a professional painting company, then the insurance provider for the company will be able to right any financial wrongs done by the painting team, far more so than a private amateur from up the street. 


The simple truth is you can't hold a friend or neighbor accountable for doing a bad job painting your home. On the other hand, an insured painting company will likely have a multi-year quality guarantee to make sure you get your money's worth. At the very least you'll be able to write a negative review online if you're not satisfied, which can carry some serious power in competitive markets like house painting. In the same vein, you'll be able to better predict the best painting company for your job based on online reviews, something you can't look into for an amateur painter. 

While the little line on a painting company's card or truck that says "Fully Insured" might seem like an afterthought, the truth is that this stipulation can make or break a project, a budget, and so much more if you choose to hire someone who's not insured.  More information on exterior painting can be found here.