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Comparing Latex And Oil Based Paint

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Paint provides a protective barrier to the surface that it is applied on while at the same time providing a pleasing aesthetic. Latex and oil based paints are two of the most common types of paint available, and though they perform the same function, their different material makeups mean that they have a distinctive set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the features associated with both types of paint can help you choose the best one for your painting project.

Latex Based Paint

The main advantage of latex based paint is the fact that it is extremely easy to apply. Because it is made primarily with water as the liquid element of the paint, latex paint is fairly thin and thus easy to spread. Furthermore, the thinness of the paint means that it can dry extremely quickly, usually only within a couple of hours depending on the brand of paint. Furthermore, latex based paints don't need to have a primer applied to the surface that they are applied on, which helps speed up the painting process and cut down on costs.

However, because of their thinness, latex based paints will often require multiple coats, depending on the surface that they are applied on. This can increase the amount of paint that you use and drive up costs, and also extend the painting process. Additionally, the thinness of latex paint means that the finished coat is not very durable, and can become cracked or worn fairly quickly depending on exposure.

Oil Based Paint

Oil based paints are much more durable than latex based paints are. This is because they are much thicker, and thus dry into a heavier layer. This increased thickness also means that oil based paints often only need a single coat to be applied, which can help decrease the amount of time you spend painting.

However, oil based paints require special brushes to be applied due to their increased thickness when compared to latex based paints. Furthermore, the fumes from oil based paints are hazardous, which means that the area being painted needs to have proper ventilation and safety measures, like masks and goggles, need to be taken. It should also be kept in mind that oil based paints are much harder to clean up or remove if they are spilled or applied to the wrong surface accidentally, requiring a paint thinner to be applied before they can be removed. Talk to a paint specialist, like Klenosky Paint, for more help.