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Exterior Painting Answers For Homeowners

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Exterior paint is one of the most visible parts of a home, and it is also subjected to some of the most intense wear and weathering. This makes it necessary to have the exterior painted on a regular schedule.

Is Wood The Only Material That May Need To Be Painted?

There is a common assumption that wood is the only type of exterior that will need to be painted. However, there are many different types of surfaces that may benefit from this work. For example, it is common for some types of vinyl siding to be painted when homeowners want to change its color. Concrete can be another surface that is often painted to protect it and improve its appearance.

How Long Will It Take The New Paint To Dry?

Exterior painting projects can take many days to complete, and this can lead to homeowners assuming that much of this time will be dedicated to allowing the paint to dry. However, the exterior paint will dry very quickly. In most instances, the coats that are applied to the exterior may fully dry and cure in as little as a day. The rapid drying and curing is necessary to reduce the risk that rain interferes with the new coat of paint.

Do Home's Near Bodies Of Water Have Different Exterior Paint Needs?

Homes that are located near oceans, lakes or rivers may have different exterior paint needs. This is due to the reality that these homes may be more exposed to moisture exposure, which can weaken the pain and lead to algae growing it. Homes near bodies of salt water will also have the challenges posed by the salt. Over time, salt exposure can scratch and scuff the exterior paint. By opting for paint that is suited for these challenges, you can minimize the wear that it will sustain. Furthermore, frequent cleanings can help to remove the materials that may be deposited by the mist and droplets blowing against the home's exterior.

How Do Your Gutters Impact The Lifespan Of Your Exterior Paint?

Caring for the gutters of the home can be an important part of maximizing the lifespan of your exterior paint. The runoff from the roof can be extremely degrading to the paint if it is allowed to drain down the sides of the home. The gutters will divert this runoff so that it will avoid the paint. For this reason, you should always make sure to keep the gutters clean and to have any leaks in the promptly patched.

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