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Tips For Choosing The Right Commercial Painting Contractor

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Whether you own a building that needs new paint on the exterior or one where the interior walls need to be refreshed, your best option is to hire an experienced commercial painting contractor. Investing in painting a commercial building can be costly, so if you're going to spend a large amount of money, you're sure to want the job done right. Thus, it is best to plan your painting project in advance and to take the time to carefully select the right painting contractor to hire. Use the following tips to help you choose a commercial painting contractor to hire for your project.

Ensure the Painting Contractor is Licensed and Insured

When you are in need of commercial painting services, one of the first things that you should consider is whether or not a painting contractor is licensed and insured. When a painting contractor is licensed, you can have the peace of mind that he or she has proven to the state that he or she has the necessary skills needed to provide commercial painting services. A licensed painting contractor will also be fully insured, so if anything happens during the project, you will not be held financially liable.

Secure Bids

It is always in your best interest to secure several bids from local commercial painting contractors before you make a hiring decision. A reputable painting contractor should come view your commercial property in order to see its size and condition in order to give you the most accurate price quote possible. Always make sure that you get price bids in writing, and ask that the bid be itemized so you can see how much you will be charged for materials and labor. After you have collected your bids, you can compare your options and determine which painting contractor offers the best value.

Request to See Past Work

When you're interested in hiring a commercial painting contractor, request to see his or her past work. Most painting contractors have a portfolio of before and after photographs of past projects. You may also want to ask about any local buildings that a painting contractor has worked on and then visit those buildings yourself in order to see the quality of work. It can also be very helpful to ask for references so that you can contact past clients to learn more about their experience. 

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