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It May Be Time To Repaint Your Storefront

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The exterior of your storefront is very important. It may be much more significant than you give it credit for. If you have been putting the majority of your concentration toward keeping the inside of your store looking fabulous, then you should take a minute and go look at the outside. The outside is the first thing your customers will see. It is the first impression, and therefore you can think of it as the face of your business. When you are looking over the exterior, check to see if it's time to have it painted. Some of the things you are going to want to look for include the following: 

There are chips and cracks in the paint

When you look at the building, you might see there are chips and cracks in the paint. This lets you know the building should be repainted because the condition of the paint will go quickly downhill from there. The chips will become bigger and the paint or surface underneath will start to be exposed. 

The paint is blistered or bubbled

There are several reasons why paint can become blistered and bubbled. The majority of the reasons have to do with the paint being applied incorrectly, such as over a dirty surface. However, if the paint was applied correctly, then it can still end up bubbling over time. The bubbling can happen due to direct sunlight shining on the paint nearly every day. Buildings in hotter regions can end up bubbling faster and to a more serious degree than buildings in cooler regions with fewer sunny days. If your building's paint is bubbled, then repainting it is a good idea. 

The building's paint is fading

Direct sunlight and heat can do a lot to the paint on a building. Fading is one thing that can be the most noticeable from far away. If you haven't been paying attention to the color of your building lately, then take a good look at it now and see if it is fading. You may see the whole thing is fading, or that the areas that get the majority of the sunlight are starting to lose color. When you see the building color is affected, then it is time to have it repainted. 

There is mildew or mold on the building

If you notice there are stains on the building that are green or black, then these are likely mildew or mold. If you see this, then the walls should be treated accordingly, repainted, and the issue that caused the mildew and/or mold should also be addressed to prevent it from happening again.

Reach out to a commercial exterior painting services professional for more information.