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Make These Preparations Before Painting Contractors Come To Paint Your Home

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If you decided to hire painting contractors to paint some rooms inside of your home, then there are some preparations you should make before they arrive. Here's what you should do.

Remove Everything from the Walls

Everything on the walls needs to be removed and stored in a safe place. This is a great time to sort through each piece of your artwork and other wall hangings to decide what will have a new home on your freshly painted walls and what pieces to move on to another home.

Place Furniture in the Center of the Room or Remove It

If you have furniture that can easily be moved to another room then that is ideal. However, since most rooms have bulky and heavy furniture pieces that aren't practical to move elsewhere, it is easier to move them to the center of the room. Once there, the furniture will be covered in a plastic tarp to protect it from overspray or drips.

Wash Excessively Dirty Walls

The painting contractors will wipe down your home's walls to remove any surface dust before painting, but it isn't reasonable to expect them to sit and scrub off your child's crayon art or the big dirt spot on the wall next to where your dog likes to sleep.

Since dust and grime effect paint adherence, you should scrub excessively dirty areas in the days before the painting contractors arrive.

Make Arrangements for Your Family Pets

Even though your painters probably love their own pets and love to spend time with them, your pets pose a danger to contractors working in your home. 

Not only could someone be accidentally scratched or bit by your cat or dog but they could also trip over them while carrying dangerous tools.

To eliminate these risks, you need to make arrangements to keep your pets away from anywhere the contractors will be working.

Plan to Be Away From Home on Painting Day

Lastly, it is important to note that painting contractors are professionals and are capable of doing their jobs without your help or oversight. In fact, the more you leave them alone to work, the faster the job will be completed and they will be permanently out of your house!

So, while you may be tempted to watch them work or stay home and hover, it is always better to plan some time away from home on painting day. Let the pros work while you get some shopping done or have a nice lunch out with friends.

Contact painting contractors in your area for more information.