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Consider A Warm Paint Color In These Rooms

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If you want to repaint one or more rooms in your home but you're having trouble deciding what paint colors you like, there are a few ways to proceed. One option is to think about whether you want a warm or a cool feel in the room. Discuss this topic with your painting contractor, and they can make several useful paint color suggestions once you decide whether you favor warm or cool tones. Many people like warm color tones, as they can add a cozy feel that is welcome in many areas of the home. Here are three rooms in which a warm paint color can be a particularly good idea. 

Dining Room

If you often entertain guests for meals, you want them to feel comfortable in your dining room. Some dining rooms can feel a little formal, which may intimidate certain guests. A good way of making your dining room feel more welcome and cozy is to use a warm color of paint. A suitable shade of red, orange, or even brown can each add a warm quality that makes your guests eager to enter this room during their visits. Many of these colors can pair well with dining room furniture and linens, so think about your existing furniture and choose a paint color accordingly.

Living Room

Your living room is another part of your home that can benefit from having a warm color of paint on the walls. Visual warmth in this room will feel welcoming for your family and guests alike. There are lots of different warm paint colors that can work well. You may wish to start by assessing the living room floor. If you have hardwood that has reddish notes, you might favor choosing a color of paint in the red spectrum, for example.

Primary Bedroom

Another area of your home that can benefit from having a warm feel is your primary bedroom. Choosing a cold color for the walls of this room may feel unappealing, particularly during the winter months when warm colors are particularly welcome. Oranges and even purples can work well in this space, and it's easy to find a duvet cover or area rug that has similar color notes to your wall paint. If you feel that using a warm color of paint on each of the walls is too bold, consider a neutral color on three of the walls and a warm color as an accent wall on the fourth wall.

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