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Shades Of Summer: Sizzling And Sultry Paint Colors That Will Transform Your Home

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If you are looking to add a little excitement to your life, the hot and trendy paint colors for summer will not disappoint. Brilliant shades of red, orange, purple, green, blue, and yellow are showing up in homes and are as refreshing as a summer landscape. Used alone or in combination with other colors, the sizzling and sultry colors of summer will be a welcome change in your home's interior.

Berry luscious shades of paint

Paint hues that are trending this summer mimic sweet and fresh-picked berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. These fun shades can be as bold or subtle as you wish depending on the paint color you choose. Choose muted berry shades to add a colorful but soft look to a room and bright berry hues to liven up a room that lacks natural sunlight.

Melon-inspired paint hues

The paint colors of summer are as refreshing as a succulent summer melon. Look for paint colors in cantaloupe orange to bring any room to life with an unexpected but pleasing appeal. Pair cantaloupe orange with light green accents and trim to create a summery look that is sure to get attention.

Want to bring your kitchen to life with the colors of summer? Paint walls a light honeydew green for a perfect summer refresh. Use a soft yellow for accent and trim to create a look that will give your kitchen a summery feel all year round.

Summer landscape colors

Brilliant sunrises, rich sunsets, blue lakes, and colorful flowers make up the summer landscape. Incorporating these hues into your home's interior will give your home a look as enjoyable as the sights of summer. Summery hues mix and match well and give you endless decorating options when selecting paint colors.

Choose one landscape color for walls and accent with a different color for the ceiling, such as lake blue for main walls and sunset orange for the ceiling. You can also create a fun accent wall by painting three walls in a room a sunny yellow and one wall a rich red color.

If you have been thinking about using bold paint colors in your home, the hues of summer are a great place to start. Whether you decide to have an entire room painted in one of the bold summer shades or just want to have an accent wall or trim painted for contrast, you will love how summery your home looks with the sultry and sizzling paint colors of the season. 

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